Basic guide to Japanese

Despite what many are led to believe, learning Japanese is not significantly more difficult than learning any other language. The truth is mastering any foreign language is quite an endeavor. If you think about it, you are essentially taking everything you’ve learned in life and re-learning it in a completely different way. Obviously, no single book can really claim to teach you everything about a language including all the vocabulary a fluent adult commonly obtains during her life. However, Nihonggo Basics will assist you in getting your foot in learning the language.


Let's Learn 日本語!


Japanese writing can be a bit intimidating at first but once you have learned the basics, it'll be one of the most enjoyable things!

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Learning Japanese grammar and reading can be quite a challenge but it's a challenge that you'll enjoy conquering every step.

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You might have learned some basic expressions already without you knowing but let us learn each one in detail!

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